Suffolk Golf Union

2021 Seniors Matchplay Championship

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1st Round
To be played by Sat 31st Jul 2021  
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Quarter Final
To be played by Wed 8th Sep 2021  
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To be played by Mon 20th Sep 2021  
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To be played by Mon 20th Sep 2021  
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Stephen Crosby Walkover                                                                                                    
Stephen Crosby  1 Hole                                                                           
Gary Seaman                                                                            
 Stephen Crosby                                                   
SIMON Goldsmith  5&4                                                  
SIMON Goldsmith                                                   
Roger Nicholson                                                    
  Steve Mann Walkover                          
Steve Mann  2&1                          
Steve Mann  3&2                         
Trevor Hellyer                          
 Steve Mann Walkover                         
Roger Taylor                           
Dave Bloom                           
Dave Bloom  1 Hole                            
   Steve Mann
James O'Doherty  4&3   
James O'Doherty   
G Smith   
 Paul Buckle  
Graham Sykes  
Paul Buckle  1 Hole 
Paul Buckle  3&2  
  John Newsome  
John Newsome  1 Hole   
John Newsome  6&4  
Peter Revell   
 John Newsome  4&3  
Adrian Studd  4&3   
Adrian Studd    
Stephen Whymark     

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