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Q and A with Monty Scowsill

Get to know Monty - A Q&A with Suffolk's finest

 We sat down recently over a cup of  virtual tea (ZOOM) with Monty, we touched on subjects such as the 2021 British Amateur, his plans for the Season, Walker Cup, Netflix recommendations and so much more........


Congratulations Monty on LY’s Performance – we won't dwell on what might have been at Nairn, here in Suffolk we want to learn more about your goals on and off the course in 2022 and an in depth understanding of the real Monty Scowsill.

Q1 So Monty – we know  that you had a great early start to the season in Dubai? Is that where you have based yourself in the winter or have you been braving the elements in Suffolk?

Monty - "Oh I wish, Dubai would be a great place to be based as a golfer,  but just so very expensive sadly. So if anyone out there is interested in sponsorship......

Q2 Golf being Full time for you, must allow you to set out a fairly firm schedule…. Talk us through where you will be playing up to the Open at St Andrews.

"The Amateur Championship is a work unfinished to that is a must , plus the following......."


21-23: Welsh Open Strokeplay 

22-24: West of England Championship 

29-1May: Lytham Trophy 


12-15: Irish Men’s Open Championship 

19-22: Brabazon Trophy

27-29: French Amateur


13-18: The Amateur Championship 

18-19: The Berkshire Trophy

22-25: European Am

28: Open Q Final Stage


Q3 Will we get to see you competing at the major events in Suffolk at all?

"It's hard to fit the county schedule in as you can see from the above, but if the opportunity arises I will certainly try as I owe so much to Suffolk"

Q4 Is the  Walker Cup in 2023 a serious goal for you or is the temptation of joining the paid ranks realistic for you, especially after appearing on the DP World Tour in February at  the Ras Al Khaimah Championship

"That's a tricky one.....Hard to base all your goals on a Walker Cup pick with so many factors coming into play. I will remain open minded of course....."

Q5 Tell us a little about your experience there – who were you paired with and did you pick any invaluable tips up in practice

"I have had a taste of life on tour as you know, playing with the likes of Bob McIntyre, Marc Warren and Stephen Gallagher. I learnt so much from these guys and now realise that level of competition is within my grasp"


Quick Fire Questions

What Book are you currently reading?

"Well I am due very soon to be a best man so currently getting some ideas from this book"

What was the last series you watched on NetFlix


What is the most played song on your Phone

"Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - you might know it (Martin Youngs)

Who is your favourite Golfer of all time and who would be in your dream 4 ball?

"Justin Rose, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy"

Favourite Football team

"Ipswich Town (of course)"

Do you have a favourite Ball Marker?

"I tend to use a Poker Chip"

What Make of Ball do you play with?

"Pro V1x"

What Driver do you have currently?

"Titleist TSI 3"

Hybrid or driving iron?

"Both - Hybrid 4 some weeks and depending on conditions a 2 iron"

Longest Iron in your bag?

"4 Iron"

How Many Wedges are in your bag?

"4 in total - 46, 50, 54, 58" - well worth getting a fitting !

Facebook / Instagram or Twitter

"Mainly Instagram its quick and informative" (note : sign up to the counties Social feeds)

Back to more in depth

Q6 What support do you get from England Golf and the R&A

"Sadly not part of the England Elite squad, so nothing, I need to rely on my sponsors. The R&A used to lend some support via a bursary scheme whilst I was at University."

Q7 This years Amateur Championship is at Royal Lytham And St Annes, have you had a chance to play there yet or is there time planned for you to go there.  (hopefully you will get to play in the Stenson the weekend before?)

"The Lytham Trophy is in May so practice for that and the actual event should help me prepare. Of course if my club is still in the Stenson and I can juggle the schedule of course I would make myself available"

Q8 Who are you being currently being coached by (in the county hopefully)?

"Coaching is now from outside the county, but of course I still pick up tips from long time Suffolk coaches Keith Preston and Joe Cundy"

Q9 What would a typical practice day be like for you?

"Pre Season  would be more range time, working on technical drills and of course putting. During the season would be more in the Performance Studio and shot shaping, lots of short game drills too"

Q10 What advice would you give to a “14 year old Monty” who might be starting his journey with the support of Suffolk Golf

"Enjoy it , Love the game and remember progress is not always linear"



Thanks so much Monty for your time, keep us updated as to progress and we will ensure we share a "Monty Watch" via Social Media Channels



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