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Suffolk Seniors v Lincolnshire Seniors

Suffolk Seniors entertained Lincolnshire Seniors in an East Anglian Seniors League match at Aldeburgh on Tuesday 30th June.

The morning foursomes saw Lincolnshire establish a 3-2 lead with only Andy Ball and Chris Whyatt achieving a win for Suffolk, Roger Taylor and Geoff Henney and Giles Oates and Nick Owles halving their respective matches.

Suffolk fought back in the afternoon led by Steve Whymark who shot 69 to earn a halve with Stuart Fawcett. Wins followed from John Whitby, Geoff Henney, Mark Jackson, Andy Ball who holed his second shot on the 480 yard 16th to close out his match, Chris Whyatt and Giles Oates. Nick Owles halving his match.

Results AM Foursomes- Steve Whymark and John Whitby lost to Tim Seaton and Wayne Wallace 5 & 4, Mark Jackson and Dick Barton lost to Paul Chaplain and Steve Cullington 1 down, Roger Taylor and Geoff Henney halved with Stuart Fawcett and Robin Horsman, Giles Oates and Nick Owles halved with Dave Keen and Ray Pauley, Andy Ball and Chris Whyatt beat Dave Quincy and Rod Bell 4 & 3.

PM Singles- Taylor lost to Seaton 1 down, Whymark halved with Fawcett, Whitby beat Horsman 2 & 1, Barton lost to Wallace 1 down, Henney beat Keen 7 & 6, Jackson beat Cullington 4 & 3, Owles halved with Chaplain, Ball beat Bell 4 & 3, Whyatt beat Quincy 1 up and Oates beat Pauley 1 up.

Suffolk Seniors 9 Lincolnshire Seniors 6