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Past Winners of the Suffolk Amateur Matchplay

1968DC Whinney
1969AE Pearce
1970DC Whinney
1971RF Long
1972RW Mann
1973MW Stam
1974TS Rowan Robinson
1975JVT Marks
1976DH Duffell
1977IP Whinney
1978SC Goodman
1979DH Duffell
1980J Cook
1981PS Buckle
1982R Taylor
1983JVT Marks
1984K Woods
1985B.T. Belle
1986M Harvey
1987C Woods
1988M Clark
1989J Maddock
1990PS Buckle
1991J Maddock
1992M Darling
1993PS Buckle
1994G Amos
1995D Quinney
1996J Keely
1997J Wright
1998J Wright
1999P Barnard
2000K Eagle
2001L Dodd
2002L Dodd
2003K Day
2004S Crosby
2005J. Abbott
2006W Wright
2007S Brace
2008R Harston
2009C Smith
2010A Savage
2011J Cardy
2012C Vince
2013C Bartrum
2014R Harston 
2015 D Western 
2016L Thompson
2017L Martin
2018J Biggs